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Located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. 

As everyone is aware, the COVID-19 virus has the world in lockdown. We are all hopeful that this situation will pass sooner, rather than later. In the meanwhile, we simply have to follow the instructions of the World Health Organisation and Stay Inside and Save Lives. As a person with numerous health issues, I’m considered to be in the high-risk range, so am now in self-isolation. My beloved hubby and gorgeous children are popping out to the letterbox, supermarket & pharmacy for me. 

Please – everyone – keep your distance. I am already contemplating the fabulous reunions that will take place when the threat has been substantially reduced.

Maybe that’s when a vaccine is developed? Or will it be a treatment? Or will we simply develop a resistance? Who knows. At this point, I just look forward to the days when we can mingle freely again. And Craft Events can resume! (Amongst other things of course)

In the meantime, ladies and gents – our stash can be our sanity saver! I don’t sell fabric on the bolt, I only have Rainbow Pops (aka jelly rolls) available, but I do have lots of other bits and pieces. Over the coming weeks, once I can wrap my head around this situation, I will take proper stock and reduce my online products to reflect what I can actually ship. Normally I just pop down to the distributor (Victorian Textiles) for most items, but, well, that isn’t going to happen now. If you order & I can’t supply, I’ll get in touch. But I do have quite a lot of notions available. AND – lucky me! I live not far from Therese Hylton (of Patchwork Pumpkin), so whilst she’s still happy to supply me with patterns, I’m able to ship them out.

Stay Safe, Stay Well. See You on the Other Side!!!!

Sewing Sanity Savers

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The RuleSteady

Watch this short (2 mins) video of the RuleSteady being used.  See why our customers say it’s their best purchase ever!
Reduce your cutting time dramatically and safely.
Excellent for anyone with carpal tunnel, arthritis or muscular/joint weakness. Simply put, you don’t have to strain to cut the length of the ruler. And your fingers are safely away from the rotary cutter! More info on the product page here…

Or you can purchase here….

How a stitch is made

Here is a short video of how a lockstitch is created on a sewing machine.
Isn’t it hypnotic?
It boggles my mind how somebody thought this up!

If you’re looking for something particular & can’t find it on my site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m happy to help out.

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