RuleSteady & rotary cutter bundle


A bundle of the most essential equipment for creating your patchwork masterpieces!

A 45mm Ergonomic Olfa Rotary Cutter – the most commonly used size, excellent for left or right handers, ergonomically designed for comfort.

A pack of 10 (TEN) 45mm rotary cutter blades (Carbide Steel) from Precision Quilting Tools – topnotch quality.

A RuleSteady :

  1. Keeps your fingers safe
  2. Keeps your ruler steady
  3. Prevents soreness from pressing too hard on the ruler when you cut
  4. Means you can cut for much longer without fatigue
  5. Cut through extra layers of fabric – accurately
  6. Less wastage on your cuts = more savings to spend on fabric

Purchased separately (at my regular prices), these products would normally cost $157. From now until the 20th December, you can purchase this bundle for only $140!

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